Sunkissed Treats products are currently only available online. You're welcome, of course, to browse and buy our products here in our online store. 


Yes, we currently offer customers free shipping for orders of $50.00 or more locally in Jamaica.


We're proud to say that our products are all handmade in the Jamaica.


How long does the soap last?

Each bar of soap lasts about three times longer than a regular bar of soap you'd get at the store. With daily use, a body soap will last about 3 to 4 weeks. This is because they're all-natural with ZERO fillers.


How long does the scent last?

This varies widely between soaps. Soaps without added scents and only natural essential oils will not have a lasting smell. The soaps with powerful perfumes (like our Just For Her Soap!) will last for days - they'll even make your sheets smell good.


What size are the Soap Bars

We hand-cut all our soaps. This means we can't promise a perfect square or rectangle every time, nor a certain size. What we can say is each bar is guaranteed to be approximately 3.5 ounces and the body soaps are all over 5 ounces.


Since its all-natural, does the soap expire?

Each product can last for years on the shelf but we highly recommend you use it up within a year of purchase for best results.


Sunkissed Treats has never tested on animals and will never resort to testing on animals.  


Our proprietary 6-Oil Blend is, as the name suggests, a natural blend of six moisturizing oils that all work to heal your skin in a ton of different ways! This signature blend includes aloe vera, sunflower seed, olive, coconut, grape-seed, and avocado oils.