Skin Goals 2022

New SkinGoals2022 is all about setting glowing goals for 2022 to get your skin in the best shape it's ever been. 

How can you get involved with #SkinGoals2022? 


During the month of January, we want everyone to identify an overarching skin goal they'd like to achieve for 2022. You might want to: 


- Combat your pesky pigmentation


 -Introduce wellness digestible products into your routine 


- Lose those fine lines and wrinkles?


 - Overhaul your daily skincare routine?


Each week we will focus on different parts of your regime to work towards that goal and creating a long term routine that you can continue throughout the rest of the year. 


Tell us your concern via @sunkissedtreats and we will send you an exclusive gift! Share your progress, your learnings or success each week and tag @sunkissedtreats or use #skingoals2022 so we can celebrate with you! 

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