5 skincare goals to adopt for 2022


Ok 2022, we see you are here. We know that so many of us aim for big goals focus around fitness and health and career and wealth, which are all amazing, but what about the skin you live in? Certainly, regular exercise and healthy eating will benefit your skin from the inside out, but let's look at some small changes you can implement to make a big difference to your skin.


GOAL #1: Repair your acid mantle. aka the skin's moisture barrier.

This tip is the driving force behind almost all we do here at GoodieCo. Without an intact natural barrier, the skin will always be compromised, and not able to perform and look its glowing best!


GOAL #2: Exfoliate regularly - but not too much.

Like dust on a polished surface, old, dead skin cells can make even the dewiest skin look dull and decidedly un-lustrous. Exfoliating is the quickest and easiest way to brighten your skin. Just be sure to limit your exfoliation to a maximum of five times per week, even if you feel like your skin can handle it.

Exfoliation also helps your skincare products absorb into the skin better, which means an extra boost of nutrients, hydration and glow.


GOAL #3: Give yourself a facial massage.

Regular massaging, either with fingertips or a massage tool, helps to drain puffiness and toxins. Massaging your skin, even for just a few seconds, brings about more blood cells to the skin, more oxygen, and better absorption of products. Plus, it works to de-puff those inevitable tired, morning eyes with lymphatic drainage.

For dry skin, massage in circular motions upward. Start at the base of the neck where your arteries are. Massage in gentle circles upwards, toward the jaw, up the sides of the face, and around the eyes. This will help coax nutrients into the tissue. 

You want to do the opposite motion and start on the top of the face by the eyes if you are prone to breakouts—this will draw the waste away. 

GOAL #4: Use a serum every day.

No matter your skin type, a serum will help keep your skin looking youthful and fresh. It will revitalise, tone and smooth your skin.

Our favourite is our Vitamin C Serum, which not only will ultra-hydrate and plump your skin without feeling heavy, it finishes with a beautifully smooth texture that acts as the perfect primer if you then apply your makeup on top!


GOAL #5: Sunscreen.

We hate to sound like your mother, but the only way to get your healthiest, brightest, most glowing complexion is to keep damaging UV rays far away from your precious cells. You know what that means—sunscreen, every day, no matter what. 

Keep these five habits up consistently and you will see the results!

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